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Financial Investigations

Financial Investigations – Sectors

  • Foreign Exchange:
    • Spot, forwards, emerging markets
    • Options and other derivatives
    • E-Commerce platforms
    • Fixes
  • Fixed Income:
    • Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Index Linked instruments other Interest Rate instruments
    • Reference rates: eg LIBOR, EURIBOR
    • Fixed Income derivatives: IRS (Interest Rate Swaps), CDS (Credit Default Swaps), Futures (Bond and Interest Rate), FRAs (Forward Rate Agreements), Inflations Swaps. Further derivatives e.g. Swaptions.
  • Other areas of recent work:
    • Interest Rates
    • Equity Markets
    • ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)
    • Commodities
    • Capital adequacy
    • Risk management
    • Regulation
    • Compliance
    • Forward strategy and Change Management

Financial Investigations – Capabilities

  • Analysis of, and opinions based upon, combinations of:
    • Bloomberg, Reuters, other “chat” media
    • Emails, text and other written media
    • Spreadsheets
    • Trader deal logs
    • Order book analysis
    • Electronic trading platforms
    • Proprietary risk and behaviour discovery analytics
    • New media and technology
    • Audio recording
    • Regulatory evolution
    • Compliance and oversight
  • Critiques of:
    • Third party reports and analysis
  • Identification of trends in regulation and litigation:
    • Constant monitoring of relevant news flow and anticipating new trends

Financial Investigations – Experience

  • Our Directors share over 70+ years experience in Financial Markets:
    • Sell-side: Trading, Sales, option structuring and economic research
    • Buy-side: Trading, execution optimisation, risk and counterparty management
    • Worked for major names on both buy and sell sides
  • Proven track record in analysis:
    • Both on behalf of and against large financial institutions
    • Identification of issues previously missed by legal and consulting firms due to their lack of domain knowledge
    • Detailed quantitative analysis to determine quantum of wrongdoing and thus potential damage to customers
    • Ability to distil multiple information sources and provide succinct, readily-digested opinion